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Subject:  Re: Mitt Romney reaches 275 electoral votes .. Date:  10/7/2012  6:10 PM
Author:  Theobald64 Number:  1822072 of 2204069

Romney is having a good week. Unfortunately, Romney has made too many mistakes to be assured of lock in (had he picked Rubio, this thing would be over by now).

This will be extremely close, and it shouldn't be. Given the performance and the the Democrats telling the great middle that they could care less about them, this should be a 56-43-1 election in popular vote and something just short of a landslide in the EC for the Republicans.

Obama's guys will be ready for the next debate. It is critical that team Romney generate false tells in the debate prep. by leaking false talking points to a wider internal audience and keeping the actual debate prep to no more than 4 or 5 people, max. The "you're no Jack Kennedy" quip years ago occurred because the Democrats apparently had a plant that knew Quayle would use this analogy.

Very, very close. Florida will be key. GOP takes Senate, GOP extends or holds fast in House, GOP extends in State Houses and Governorships as well.

As I have told you people, this is (and has been) Romney's to lose. He cannot make any more mistakes, particularly on security and message discipline. One more like the 47% screw up and this one is lost.
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