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Subject:  Re: a reassuring tweet from Zach Braff Date:  10/7/2012  8:03 PM
Author:  LorenCobb Number:  410522 of 508452

Is Braff's number anywhere close to right? 5000 gods are being worshipped as we speak?

Well, it turns out that the website claims to have 4300 distinct current religions or "faith groups" listed in its database. Many of these are wildly polytheistic, but if we allow an average of only, say, five gods per religion, then we get an estimate of 21,500 gods that are being worshipped today, somewhere in the world.


I have no idea whether has an accurate count, but if it is anywhere in the right ballpark then there are a lot of gods out there. But as Braff says, we need not worry. Only ours is the "right" one. Long live the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

(Pastafarians are not listed in, so their count must be off by at least one. They should beware the revenge of the noodly appendage.)

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