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Subject:  Re: New Yorker Magazine Cover Next Week Date:  10/8/2012  6:45 AM
Author:  rjf53 Number:  64112 of 78342

read each of the links.......

I did read all the links and I also considered the sources, did you?

Let me start with the quality of your sources. Breitbart? Really ? A right wing website that’s entire existence is dedicated to furthering the Rightwing cause by waging a non-stop anti-Obama campaign. Am I exaggerating? Hardly, all one needs to do is peruse the entire website and whether your interest is Hollywood, Government or Journalism, all one finds are anti-Obama pieces. Admittedly, I don’t visit rags like this, but I’m certain that this simple fact which is easy to demonstrate today, would be equally applicable on any day one chose to visit since the day Obama was elected president.

Does this in itself prove any of the “facts” you cite are false. No, it doesn’t and I will readily concede that some ultimately may be proved to be based in fact. But our discussions have never involved the accuracy of any individual charges, but rather it has been a discussion of getting to the truth as opposed to the cherry picking of facts that you have b