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Subject:  Re: Code for America Date:  10/8/2012  12:09 PM
Author:  Hawkwin Number:  9794 of 9954

Love the link, thanks for sharing it!

(This was one of my arguments for the price of textbooks coming down or going to zero once they become electronic).

I don't think you will ever see them go to zero unless we have a "wiki/crowd sourced" education model.

Someone will always have to update the history and science books and if someone does not do it for free, there will be a cost for such.

The unfortunate irony of all this is that the better we get at this sort of stuff, the more unemployed we will have. That student that just graduated with a degree in computer programming and went to work for the city just lost their job to some civilian that can now code an app in half a day.

It won't be too many years into the future before the entire USPS goes out of business (or is outsourced) because so much personal and business communication will be electronic.

What happens to all the publishers of textbooks when all textbooks are electronic? I'm not arguing against this just concerned about the long term consequences of our significantly increased efficiency.

We might be closer to a "Star Trek-like" economy than anyone realizes. We already have 3D replicators.
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