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Subject:  Re: An Open Letter Date:  10/8/2012  12:26 PM
Author:  Frydaze1 Number:  39508 of 46454

"but passing around ultrasound pictures of your baby"

What ever happened to modesty and provacy? Sheesh!

Here's the problem:

The girl is pregnant and obviously too young to have done it intentionally as a well-planned, mature decision. There are now two options:

1) Embrace it. In which case there will BE no modesty or privacy. At some point people are going to notice that she appears to have a basketball inside her shirt. Most people show ultrasounds when they're pregnant and I'm guessing you don't normally go whining about modesty or privacy when they do. The issue here is that she picked the wrong time to do it. (I wouldn't show mine during a business meeting, for example.) The problem is NOT that she shared the pictures with classmates. She is, after all, going the "embrace it" route.

2) Stop it. If modesty and privacy were that important, she could have an abortion. No one would need to know she had gotten pregnant, and her whole life wouldn't now be bending to revolve around a baby.

You seem to want her to both continue the pregnancy AND not let anyone know about it. You can't do both. Nor should she be giving up her *8th grade* education for 6 months just to keep anyone from seeing her belly grow. She needs to pay attention as much as she can now, before new baby sleep deprivation destroys her ability to learn any more.

So pick a side: Do you recommend an abortion so she can keep her modesty and privacy? Or do you accept that this young girl's life is changed forever and there's no way to hide it?

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