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Subject:  Re: The Church Invented Hell To Control People Date:  10/8/2012  7:39 PM
Author:  StockGoddess Number:  45783 of 116445

One reason I stopped going to my church in my teens was they kept making up rules I couldnt find in my bible. Didn't think that was right. Can't dance, can't drink wine, can't play cards, can't go to movies. All fun is bad.

That, and the youth group was more into sex and drugs than my less-churched friends, and they quite frankly scared the heck outta me. One of the girls ended up knocked up about the time I left. I could have told her parents that was going to happen a year earlier, but they never would have believed me...

Denomination? Baptist.

I ended up marrying Catholic. Now I can drink, dance, gamble, play cards, go to movies...8D

I judge someone who claims to be "Christian" by how Christ-like they are. You know what He talked about? Love. Helping other people. The poor, the sick, even those in jail. Crazy long-haired liberal stuff. He hung out with tax collectors and sailors and prostitutes. The Pharasees refer to him as a "wine-bibber"...and had him crucified like good religious folk, the type who love money and power more than people...
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