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Subject:  Re: Katie Talks about NDE's Date:  10/8/2012  8:55 PM
Author:  bighairymike Number:  647760 of 876456

The problem with all of that is that Jesus never intended to found a religion, let alone one based on himself.

James (Jesus' brother) argued that the message should be solely reserved for Jews, whereas others felt that the message was meant for all mankind. If Jesus intended to found a religion, doesn't it seem logical that this would be the first question answered?

If Jesus truly felt that his words were the same as God's, why didn't he commission one of his more learned disciples to jot down everything he said? Surely, he had more to say than just the snippets we have today that are allegedly credited to him.

Jesus' message had many different flavors (Essenes, Gnostics, etc...) until the Council of Nicea (held at the bequest of Emperor Constantine) in 325 AD codified the rules. The Council blended the then existing pagan Roman beleifs with those held by the various Christian sects to form a state religion.

There were something like 84 different Gospels in 325 AD making the rounds. The Council chose the four the best mirrored the message they wanted to convey. Many of these other Gospels can still be found today in the Apocrypha.

I could go on, but I think I made my point.


Thanks wolverine, that was interesting.

I usually don't participate in religious discussions but so far this seems like an interesting and reasonable discussion of belief systems. Here's is one of my thoughts on the matter.

If an omnipotent creator exists, then who is to say "He" didn't create millions of civilizations, all sorts of other scentient life forms, spread throughout the universe. Some even call on AOL at times.

It seems arrogant to belive Gods plan is all about us, simple humans - a common carbon based lifeform, that has only been around a few hundred thousand years, inhabiting an obscure planet in a backwater of a rather small and unremarkable galaxy.

If there is a grand design, we humans, more than likely, are insignificant, the way bacteria are insignificant in the Christian theories of salvation.
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