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Subject:  Happy Dance and Thank You! Date:  10/8/2012  9:50 PM
Author:  yaszmin Number:  306038 of 312189

In August of 2007 I posted on this board about being almost $40,000 in debt and needing some help and accountability to pay it off. I'm happy to report that as of October 1st, 2012, I officially am debt free except for my mortgage. I couldn't have done it without a lot of the valuable advice I received here and a lot of the information I learned by reading other people's experiences, questions and responses on this board. It seemed only right that I come back to say, "Thank you!"

It was a long road to pay off the debt and it required a lot from me, but I finally made it. I will admit that I made some choices along the way that may have seemed at odds with the goal (travel, home purchase, etc.) but I always kept the goal in mind and made those decisions understanding that I might experience some delays in getting to zero. Along the way, I discovered YNAB (thanks again to a few Fools who were using it) and it helped me in making sure those decisions didn't completely derail my progress and that they were in line with my personal values.

I've paid off the credit cards and own my car outright. I have a mortgage, but one I can afford and at a low interest rate. I still use credit cards, but only within the boundaries of my income, paying the cards off in full every month. For a while, I couldn't do that, but I have learned to live within my means. I may sometimes have overspending, but I have the tools I need to adjust quickly and easily to ensure I don't end up back on the road to debt. I have taken some trips that were paid for outright. I've paid for my weddings and all associated costs outright. I've continued putting away money for retirement. The list goes on. In essence, I have learned how to make my money work for me and how to use it effectively.

Even though I haven't been actively posting on this board for a while, I have never stopped putting into practice the principles I learned here. I credit this board especially with a lot of the knowledge I gained and learned to use. There were other sources, but I can't thank every author or blog poster I may have read. I do, however, want to thank each and every one on this board who helped me personally or who posted helpful advice in general. I appreciate you all and it seemed only fitting to come and share my good news with you. It really feels good to be free! Thanks again!!!
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