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Subject:  Re: Black Friday is too Far Away!! Date:  10/8/2012  10:05 PM
Author:  RocketsMomma Number:  9660 of 10656

Thanks for the explanation on discrete. I was reading some Sony threads on avsforum and a lot of people had the same problem I had and they all contributed it to heat and dry solder connections. In fact many of them tried re-soldering and fixed their machines, at least for a while.

I checked the website of the other local appliance store, 35 miles away and it only sells Sony. I suspect the one 8 miles away will be similar. I have NO intention of getting another Sony (I've had other badly performing Sony products) or an off-brand, don't worry. Right now it's just a battle of wills between me and DH. I think I'll be able to get him to understand the discrete amp just fine (he is an EE after all). It's all the other stuff and "why isn'