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Subject:  Re: Romney Foreign Policy Speech: Wow! Date:  10/9/2012  4:14 AM
Author:  Vile Number:  107075 of 143880

"Did we go to Iraq and Afghanistan for this purpose? How did that work out?

No. It isn't surprising the Left still doesn't know why we went. We did what we went to do. Our results are decidedly mixed because we weren't committed and we had a bad CiC who doesn't know how to be CiC.

"Mr Romney is putting on a big show to court the pro-military vote. He still hasn't demonstrated a way that he can cut taxes and pay for all of those new ships, etc."

It doesn't appear to be a show. Why do you so easily eat the Left's talking points. He has shown how he will pay for it. Again, not surprising you don't get it.

"Hmmmmm.....isn't that setting the bar a little low?"

We elected Zero on Hope and Change. H