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Subject:  Re: coconut oil raises hdl Date:  10/9/2012  7:32 AM
Author:  VeeEnn Number:  37972 of 45865

So, here's a perfick example of the dross that's presented to folk who want affirmation rather than rational information on Internet sites.....presented because you're bound to get clients who want to argue that "less is more"

Reading through this entry and the NYT article it's linked to (a.k.a. Science By Press Release *as discussed* on the Weight Lifting board) it's easy to see why folk might be duped into thinking that exercise doesn't work or that less is more or whatever inference suits....

On first blush, it sure looks like the notion of a little bit o' "moderate" exercise beats the heck out of "strenuous" stuff.......seeing as the group that exercised for an hour lost less weight than the 30 minute group. Does this remind you of my explanation WRT my weight management package and compensatory behaviour and NEAT to those crazy folk who actually understand "exercise" on that space?

Either blogsters like this couple lack the ability to read scientific information and draw appropriate inferences........or are totally confident that their readership can't. I don't know which is worse.
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