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Subject:  Re: Katie Talks about NDE's Date:  10/9/2012  8:15 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  647811 of 875656

What Art believes or does not beleive does not affect my life one way or the other. What will be in the afterlife, will be.

But Art's philosophy if adopted by many would be an unmitigated disaster akin to an Obama re-election<grin>

I say that in jest, but also am serious. Were Art not actually apparently a grounded Christian in most of his philosophy with a nod toward NDE when he just doesn't want to do something he would be a rather dangerous anarchist most likely.

Doesn't care when or if he dies, believes events are predestined and he can't do anything about them therefore any acknowledgement of a being part of society is what? Through fear? Can't be self-interest in any good way, has to be base instinct to have an impact, as self interest would be silly in the face of true belief in pre-destination -- hungry? Take eat -- why save? Whatever will be will be, etc.

He lives with no congruity to his beliefs.

He's a nice guy, I enjoy his posts and hope he shares his beliefs. but when he gets in someone's grill and he does from time to time, he should know the blowback is going to be fairly harsh. It is one thing to share one's beliefs and I love when ARt does that, another entirely to lecture, and Art does that too.

While we are a much much better community here due to Art;s posting and in particular his eclectic interests, lief the rest of us at times he can be a pain in the butt.
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