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Subject:  Re: 38Packard's QP2010 -> QP2013 upgrade Date:  10/9/2012  8:19 AM
Author:  Kurtv Number:  10002 of 10520

- It found the other half of a linked checking account to my brokerage account (Fidelity) and asked me if I recognized a number of new Securities. I said that each Security was a new Security (they were all various cash sweep accounts which Fidelity manages and I never bothered to track the various movements of my cash into various sweep accounts/securities)

This is the good and bad regarding linked cash/checking accounts to your brokerage account. On the plus side you don't need a bunch of detailed information on the sweep account/fund everytime a transaction runs through one of your account. A simple transaction showing the inflow/outflow is all I really need. I suspect when you confirmed that all those "unknown to Quicken" securities were "new", that is why all those additional transactions were downoladed.

- Once I finalized all of those transactions, I realized that I had gained an additional $4,000 (which I knew was incorrect) and I offset the new transactions by entering in offsetting share amounts and values. That worked for that account, but then I realized that a number of entries had been entered into my accompanying cash management account detail as well.
- I was able to locate the transactions in this account (which has 3,000 transactions in it) by filtering on "Unreconciled" transactions, and I found and deleted those the long lost transactions.

And the downside of the linked account is when making any kind of transaction tha