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Subject:  Re: 38Packard's QP2010 -> QP2013 upgrade Date:  10/9/2012  8:19 AM
Author:  Kurtv Number:  10002 of 10937

- It found the other half of a linked checking account to my brokerage account (Fidelity) and asked me if I recognized a number of new Securities. I said that each Security was a new Security (they were all various cash sweep accounts which Fidelity manages and I never bothered to track the various movements of my cash into various sweep accounts/securities)

This is the good and bad regarding linked cash/checking accounts to your brokerage account. On the plus side you don't need a bunch of detailed information on the sweep account/fund everytime a transaction runs through one of your account. A simple transaction showing the inflow/outflow is all I really need. I suspect when you confirmed that all those "unknown to Quicken" securities were "new", that is why all those additional transactions were downoladed.

- Once I finalized all of those transactions, I realized that I had gained an additional $4,000 (which I knew was incorrect) and I offset the new transactions by entering in offsetting share amounts and values. That worked for that account, but then I realized that a number of entries had been entered into my accompanying cash management account detail as well.
- I was able to locate the transactions in this account (which has 3,000 transactions in it) by filtering on "Unreconciled" transactions, and I found and deleted those the long lost transactions.

And the downside of the linked account is when making any kind of transaction that involves cash, there will always be an accompanying transaction in the linked account as well.

The only other thing that I wish that QP2013 would handle as a defalut account type is an HSA.

I was wondering about this as well but have found UnitedHealthCare's website (my provider) to be very easy when tracking expenses and balances. Not quite the same as showing it in your Q file, especially when considering budgets and tracking total health care costs.

Thanks for the review. I'll be skiping this version but wondering what the future holds in store. I'm a little concerned with all the talk of financial tracking/planning software dying on the vine...

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