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Subject:  Re: Romney Foreign Policy Speech: Wow! Date:  10/9/2012  8:56 AM
Author:  drebbin Number:  107083 of 165515

some troll: Romney survived the Republican debates because his competition was......well, I don't want to be uncharitable. Now the Party is stuck with Mitt, and he's putting on a show, promising something for everybody.

Perfect example of the left-wing bubble that these lunatics live in, sequestering themselves from any and all information that doesn't conform to their preconceived beliefs. It is most interesting to criticize Romney for how he merely "survived" the primary debates, when Romney's latest debate performance was far better than 0bama's performance ever at, well, anything. The G0P voters chose Romney, after an unusually long tryout of every other candidate in the mix. It was a thorough vetting, and since Republicans are less prone to idol worship of their latest candidate, there remains concern about him. But stuck with him? He was chosen as the best candidate after a long process. Sorry you missed the whole thing.

Regarding putting on a show and promising something for everyone, I can only laugh about that. At you. This is 0bama's calling card. And you love him for that. But since you heard someone criticize him for it, you thought you would try that same line out. Only you look foolish because it makes no sense. Perhaps it isn't so bad once you are used to it.

Colovion: I'll just as happily vote for him in November as I did this spring in the Michigan primary (and the race is close in Michigan, which is back into the "toss-up" category, VERY bad news for Team 0bama!)

But lefties won't read that because they don't like it. They've already decided that 0bama has it in the bag, because after all, everyone they know is voting for him. And all those polls prove it, because there are going to be 33% or 50% more Democrats voting this year. If Romney wins, it can only mean that he cheated and Republicans stole the election.
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