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Subject:  Re: Father Of Fallen Marine Upset... Date:  10/9/2012  10:23 AM
Author:  AngelMay Number:  1822438 of 2210655

Bush wrote more personalized letters.


Bush may have SIGNED more personalized letters.
I doubt he actually wrote a single one of them.

And what difference does it make, anyway.
Lots of American citizens die each day.
The president doesn't have time to write personal letters to all of the survivors. Today's military is a job. It's a job the soldiers and sailors applied for and wanted. No one made them take it.

It is an honorable profession (to use the word profession loosely), but so is being a janitor in an office building. It takes all of us doing all kinds of jobs to make this country operate from day to day.

Killing people halfway around the world is not, to me, one of the most necessary positions a person can hold. Defending our nation is.

Too bad we have this swaggering, macho, kill-em-all military mentality rather than one that values peace and does everything possible to achieve it.

Is this all we have to argue about?
Whether or not the president writes individual letters to the survivors of military personnel? Really?

Aren't the future prospects of all of us when we are old and are trying to make it on Social Security just a bit more important? Isn't it more important to worry about keeping jobs in this country rather than sending them to India and China? Isn't the health and education of our citizens more important?

Does anyone here actually care about the future of this nation?
Or do you just want to sling sh|t at the president for some perceived slight? Gah! The collective IQ here is even lower than I had originally thought.

...replying to wzambon's post here - but this post is not directed to him.
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