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Subject:  Re: Shocker: Zero the Actual Liar Date:  10/9/2012  10:43 AM
Author:  drebbin Number:  107096 of 165505

bdluckyshot: Obama and Company have been pushing this lie about Romney's plan for weeks, and have since doubled down on it since the debate. Now that the source that the Choad-in-Chief has been citing to claim Romney is a liar is calling Obama out on his own falsehoods, how exactly is that confirming to someone's bias?

What you are witnessing is the left-wing information cocoon. They are sequestered inside, safely protecting themselves from any reality that might not conform with their preconceived ideas. Take a look at their "lie" meme from the beginning. It all starts with one very flawed premise: they assume that whatever 0bama says is the gospel truth, so therefore, anything that contradicts that must be a lie. Consequently, when Romney explains that his tax plan isn't to cut taxes by $5 trillion, they declare that to be a "lie", because 0bama says it is. This pattern exists throughout their campaign to paint Romney/Ryan as liars. They can't actually come up with any lies, only things that disagree with 0bama's claims. To them, that makes it a lie. It isn't exactly the stuff of intellectual titans, but, well, look who you are dealing with.
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