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Subject:  Re: Black Friday is too Far Away!! Date:  10/9/2012  11:26 AM
Author:  RocketsMomma Number:  9662 of 10687

So which amp do you fancy?

I am actually thinking about that v571. One of Amazon's partners, Stereo Advantage has it for $329 with free shipping. They are an authorized Yamaha dealer (unlike a couple others listed) so that would help with any warranty problems. Of course, they have all those other shipping hassles should there be a problem, restock fees, etc, I'm jut hoping there wouldn't be any.

It claims to have video upscaling which the v573 does not which I find odd.

"Yes (Analog to HDMI / HDMI to HDMI)"

I'm not sure if that means it's not that good or lacking something or they just decided to drop from this level for a marketing reason.

It has a GUI interface rather than an OSD not sure what the difference is but I'm not concerned.

I can't see whether it has Dolby EX or not.
It is a 7.1 model.

I found this little tidbit on a thread in the avsforum from last year.

"Personally, I would skip over the 571 and goto the 671. As memory serves, the 671 is the step up model where they use discrete amp stages (rather than chip amps,) and upgrade the power supply (compared the 571 and 671 weights.) And there's probably some other step up features. The 600 series is often the sweet spot in Yamaha's lineup, with the cheaper models having the most compromises."

So when you were talking discrete amp, was it this stage or chip thing you meant?

What do you think? or now that I've snuck into the $300-400 range is there something else?


Just cornered DH as he was heading out the door to deer camp and he essentially said he trusted me to find something good, reasonable,that will last "forever". I told him forever is at most 15 years. So at the very least I have officially dumped the v373.
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