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Subject:  Re: Who's Against Prop 32? Date:  10/9/2012  11:29 AM
Author:  wecoguy Number:  12746 of 12907

Wow, you've quite an invested interest, obviously... That interest is what I suspected from the first response... I really have no tolerance for anti-union shills. As a member for 40+ years in the Machinist's IAofM. later CWA, family members in the Teamsters as heavy equipment Operators, repairmen, mechanics, to Carpenter's Locals, friends in ORTT, IBEW, we've covered a lot of skilled trades. A very proud membership. Not the whiny gamers who are the takers, that want all the benefits, defined pensions, Holidays, 40 hour work week, the thousands of benefits earned by collective bargaining over many years. You would have it go back to what we see in the Southern coal mines, shifty, greedy bosses, slave drivers of old, watching whole families die rather than provide the safety equipment, then whine when it collapses and their mess is displayed publicly.. We worked in may hazardous areas, conditions, we negotiated contrasts that covered our members safety, management was never going to step up.. So now you want to handicap the union mamagement and how it can use its influence, but let the corporate goons like the Koch brothers, others, run over them with unlimited funding... Prop 32 is a sham, as many before it... Interesting how it brings out the whiners, shills, scabs of old... As I said, I've no tolerance for any of 'em...

Look at what others are saying if my intolerance is too nasty for you...

"...a fraud to end all frauds" - LA Times "...dripping with cynicism" – Sacramento Bee "...a sham...wouldn't even begin to do what its backers promise" - Ventura County Star "...would magnify the influence of wealthy interests while shutting out many middle-class voters" - San Jose Mercury News "...a phony veneer of and biased"– Long Beach Press Telegram "...a deceptive sham...would make a bad system worse" - Contra Costa Times "...would just expand unaccountable independent expenditure committees, the super-PACs" – LA Times.

"Vote NO on Prop 32. This is the outrageously deceptive measure that looks like campaign finance reform--but it isn't. It's yet another attempt by our traditional enemies to block our participation in politics in California and clear the way for SuperPacs, venture capitalists, and corporation"
from my old CWA today... They'll get my support all the way...

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