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Subject:  Re: Question about cash back cards Date:  10/9/2012  12:12 PM
Author:  2gifts Number:  306042 of 309666

Most cards have it the other way around... they pay you less, or even nothing, until you get to a certain level of spending and then the cash back picks up even more.

Actually, I think more and more cards have gone the way of Citi and cap your cash back. I know that Citi does it, and I'm pretty sure that Discover and Chase also do it. I do know that because of that, I don't use my Citi, Chase or Discover very much unless they give the best cash-back bonus at the time. Generally speaking, I use my AMEX Blue card for everything, and they do work as you say where I have to spend $6500 to reach the top tier, but I do that when I make the first college tuition payment, so I get a lot back each year.

probably the upper middle class to rich types who can just pay off their card every month

I disagree with this thinking on a very fundamental level. I don't think that it is only rich types