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Subject:  Re: I love it!!!! Date:  10/9/2012  2:27 PM
Author:  drebbin Number:  107119 of 165942

Chuck Todd appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe earlier today to discuss Team Obama strategy — and perhaps staffing — in the wake of their debate debacle. Six days later, not only is the Barack Obama campaign still talking about the debate, they’ve released an ad about perhaps the least important issue mentioned in it … Big Bird. Instead of changing the subject, they’re continuing to extend the damage

This is great. Please gimme more. When your opponent is committing suicide, don't stop them.

You've got to look at everything in the context of the larger campaign strategies. These have been revealed long ago and just about every movement is based on executing those larger strategies. There is no going back now. 0bama's strategy has always been a turn-out-the-base strategy. Ever since 2000, this has been the prevailing wisdom for Presidential campaigns. So 0bama was on firm footing going for this, but he also kind of needed to because his performance in office has been so terrible. His campaign ads have been negative, dishonest attacks (largely effective in suppressing Romney's appeal, but highly vulnerable to being exposed under the right conditions, like, say, a live debate viewed by 70 million people). His convention was chock full of raw red partisan meat. 0bama absolutely needs to churn out the low-information liberal, who is inclined to believe that Republicans are evil incarnate, and he will continue to stoke that. He also requires a level of complete economic illiteracy that matches his own, in order for someone to believe, for example, that Big Bird, Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, and any other number of cash cow consumer brands only exist today because they are propped up by taxpayer public funding.

Romney's strategy, for better or for worse, has been to assume his base is so rabidly anti-0bama that they will vote for him no matter what, and go after the moderates/independents who voted for 0bama last time but aren't dumb enough to think he was even halfway decent.

What I find interesting about these strategies is that they are not even mutually exclusive. This is not to say that 0bama has completely forsaken the independent voter, but for the most part, he is focusing on whipping up the base, while Romney has been focusing on peeling off the independents. This is not a zero sum game, like the old school "move to the center" campaigns. If they both succeed in their quest, who will win? You really can't say. In many recent polls, Romney has been decisively winning the independent vote, yet 0bama is winning overall because of the projected Democrat turnout. While I think those polls have overstated likely Democrat turnout, it still could be enough.
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