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Subject:  Re: Why not Marantz? Date:  10/9/2012  2:40 PM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  9668 of 10687

I pretty much only see Yamaha and sometimes Onkyo talked about here.

Is there a reason for this? Is there anything wrong with Marantz for instance?

accessoriesforless for instance has one left on this one for $249. Sure it's refurbished but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. And I know one of you guys just bought something from them and seemed pretty happy.


We’re now into a different aspect of deciding an amp: tonality. Nothing wrong with Marantz or Pioneer (I have a Pioneer BD-09 Blu-ray player) but at the amplified signal stage Yamaha and Onkyo (except in models below a certain price range where some corners are cut) have a better basic sound floor.

It’s not a matter of sheer amp power but how that power affects the entire tonal spectrum. To me Yamaha does that better. We can talk about player jitter affecting sound and, yes, you do pay more for a player that has it solved but if the amp doesn’t have ‘tonality’ the effort is somewhat irrelevant.

It’s more than being subjective. Some reviewers of amps get into words more suitable in describing a fine wine since the amp – no matter how good or bad – adds a flavor to the signal. In practice, the sound is easier to listen to and less tiring in a better constructed amp.

The Marantz you linked to may be good (the specs are interesting) or not. Don’t know since I haven’t heard Marantz for years .The company has changed hands and while the new builders may have made a good unit I would like to have an A-B comparison with a comparable Yamaha.

This may sound as if I have a bias and, in some ways, I have. I have bought Yamaha for several decades and. to me, Yamaha amps have that tonality I like.

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