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Subject:  Re: Who's Against Prop 32? Date:  10/9/2012  3:10 PM
Author:  TheJTrain Number:  12749 of 12907

He wanted a free ride! Plain and simple, so now he continues that same slacker attitude, that's what ticked me off...

Who's the bigger slacker, 1) the guy who believes he's got the skills and work ethic to work harder and perform better than his coworkers and wants to actually be rewarded for working harder and performing better so he wants to be free of the union contract so that he can negotiate his own terms of employment with his employer, or 2) the guy who comes in and sees the terms that have already been negotiated for him on his behalf and says, "meh, that's good enough" and proceeds to punch a clock for the next 40 years, working just hard enough not to get fired 'cause he knows the contract inside and out and knows exactly where he can toe the line and be protected? *Wanting* to work harder and be rewarded for it is exactly the opposite of wanting a free ride.

I know that unions are full of diverse people whose principles and work ethics are distributed all along the continuum between those two extremes, and I do believe you fall somewhere in the fat part of the bell curve between the two. I have very, very few negative feelings & memories with my time at Boeing where I worked for a time in a unionized job as well as in a non-unionized support role alongside unionized guys. I worked with folks all along that spectrum. At no time did I wish any of them ill or want to take anything away from any of them. Why do you insist on impugning my own personal motivations for just wanting to be my own man? If I had seen the union who "represented" me do some good stuff to make our deal better, maybe I would have chosen to pay the dues and be a voting member. But I did not see that - in fact saw the opposite (nor did I have any desire to spend any of my time *not* doing the job I wanted and was being paid for - see above about wanting to work harder), and I withheld my support. Personally, I'm glad I had the option, and wish everyone else had the option as well.

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