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Subject:  Re: The 29.5 hour work week Date:  10/9/2012  5:48 PM
Author:  JoelCairo Number:  1822681 of 2204403

On a side note, when did 30 hours become full time?

Here's a little lesson in reality and adult life, KKjb44, or young man:

All employee benefits from all employers are provided only to employees who reach a minimum level of employment. In many companies, any employee who is part-time and works less than 20 or 25 hours a week is excluded from all benefits, not just health insurance.

Another way companies can avoid paying benefits is by hiring contract labor, rather than full-time employees. For a long time, wonderful high tech companies like Cisco and Microsoft kept full-time people on contract, meaning they didn't have to support their health insurance, didn't have to contribute to unemplpoyment insurance or disability insurance pools, didn't have to pay into FICA, thus diverting funds that should support Social Security and Medicare into their own coffers, didn't have to pay oevrtime or give vacation, and didn't have to follow internal procedures or state law when they wanted to fire the person in quezstion: you're a contractor, you're gone. And you have no right to unemployment, Social Security, etc. Nor if you were a vctim of racial, sexual, religious, or other discrimination by the company or its management in determining who was to be let go, did you have any recourse in the courts.

I think you probably approve of this approach, but eventually it was cut back whern the courts and the government found that the only difference between these contractors, whose contracts were automatically renewed year after year, and the full-time employees, was that the employer skipped its obligations under the law. Now, a contract has to last for more than a year, or be extended a second year, for it to be per se a questionable practice aimed at defrauding the government.

The practice still goes on -- companies ignore it, they use shorter contracts, they rotate different people so as never to reach the point of legal limits.

This is nothing new, and it has been resorted to enormously since Bush and the RepubliKans and the banks almost destroyed the American economy.

So 30 hours or you are not covered under ObamaCare sounds to me like a huge gift to employers, since most of them have to provide health insurance to part time employees who work far less than that per week.

But don't let something like reality or long-term practices which result in billions that should be in the Social Security and Medicare trust funds not being there, just blame Obama.

When your trust fund runs out, or you graduate from school (hope you learn that "C" and "K" are not interchangeable before you do), you may get some real world experience and realize that perhaps this was another place where Obama made a mistake, trying to build consensus with radicals extremists posing as Konservatives.
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