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Subject:  Where's Carney? Date:  10/9/2012  5:51 PM
Author:  2828 Number:  647937 of 876383

Good catch by the Standard. Carney’s held gaggles with reporters recently, but gaggles are inferior for reasons Daniel Halper explains at the link. According to the White House website, there’s been no full-fledged “face the nation”-style televised press briefing in more than two weeks. How come? Can’t be that Carney’s busy with campaign stuff. As surreal as it may sound, he technically works for you and me as an employee of the executive branch, not for Team Hopenchange. Why isn’t our press secretary out in front fielding questions about the day’s news? Could it be because … he ended up becoming the public face of the White House clusterfark over Benghazi? And now, after two more weeks of evidence about how negligent the State Department was in failing to protect Chris Stevens, the administration’s less inclined than ever to send him back out there in front of a camera?

Question: Who in this administration is willing to face the media anymore? Carney’s AWOL, Biden hasn’t done a national interview since May, and the Empty Chair these days contents himself with outlets like Nickelodeon. The only people you still see are Axelrod and Plouffe on Sunday morning, and all they want to talk about is Big Bird and the war on women, blah blah blah. Note to O: The media’s rooting for you. They’ll be nice-ish if you just say hi. All you need to do is explain why you left the U.S. ambassador to Libya woefully unprepared to cope with a terror attack that pretty much everyone saw coming.
Could you imagine being the press secretary for this administration? Having to lie non-stop and pretend you're telling the truth? They'd definitely need someone like George Costanza.
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