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Subject:  Re: Who's Against Prop 32? Date:  10/9/2012  8:47 PM
Author:  TheJTrain Number:  12753 of 12907

Yes, you are still wrong,

Here's the two questions I asked in the post you replied to:

That makes me uniquely unqualified to offer commentary and arguments about a Prop for which I have the sample ballot with my name and address on it sitting on the desk next to me, right?
Now, do you have anything constructive to offer, or just more unsubstantiated ad hominem?

Since you don't seem to know your way around quoting people when replying, I suppose I'll assume you were answering the former (for reasons that should be obvious to anyone reading), unfortunately. So you're saying that having lived in another state from 2006-2009 makes one uniquely unqualified to even discuss a 2012 election? Is that seriously your contention?

ugly behind the veil

I'm ugly because I'm offering logical arguments against your stated position in a democratic republic? When did I ever call you a shill, or a slacker, or anything derogatory at all? You even called yourself intolerant and said "so be it"!

Libertarians remind me of Birchers..

You'll have to fill me in on what a Bircher is, sorry I'm not up on my political buzzwords. I can't wait to see what other supposed opinions are about to be assigned to me based on the fact that you disagree with me and can't offer arguments that contradict mine!

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