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Subject:  Re: Mitt Witt Heckler Date:  10/9/2012  9:50 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  156171 of 181546

jonathan:"Still missing the same point. It's all about personal responsibility"

OK. So I assume you apply the same test to Obama. Right?

Where are his college records? (buried with Jimmy Hoffa's whereabouts?)....

SO when will Obama come clean and admit (ALready scientiically proven by grammar and sentence structure analysis, use of the same 'stories' with different names, etc) that Bill Ayers wrote his book Dreams from my Father?

About the same time that you admit that Obama spent 20 years, week after week, listening to REv Wright rant on and on about how 'whitie' had put the black man down, the call for 'social justice' and 'reparations', his hatred for the Jews? And guest speakers like Farrakhan?

Yep, it's something called personal responsibility, and you seem to have no reason to apply it to Obama.

I thought the original post was funny......

You obsess over 'the tax returns' when you should be focused on why Obama would rather play golf that meet with his job council with 12.8 million unemployed workers desperate for a job..... now over six months...and that is no joke.....

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