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Subject:  Re: Poll: cataract surgery now or after age 65? Date:  10/10/2012  7:33 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  868035 of 902163

Do you think you can pass the driver's eye exam?

Yes, I'm certain of it. My right eye alone sees OK, and the left side of my left eye is only slightly worse (the right side of my left eye is blurred from the cataract, which did get suddenly much worse just over the last couple of months). I was just thoroughly tested at the optometrist's and the ophthalmologist's.

OK vision, but not great--but that's always true 12 months after getting new lenses (and now it's 15 months). I guess I might as well be sue-able just before my annual eye exam--I seem to need to adjust the distance between my glasses and my eyes about 10 months after getting new lenses every year (I adjust the nose grips to bring the lenses closer). I always seem to need a slightly stronger prescription every year--and my left eye is somewhat weaker than the right.

Looking at how others drive, I'm still above average. At least I don't speed, weave, am not aggressive about beating other cars to lanes/lights/turns/parking spots/best position on the highway--plus I deliberately park at far ends of parking lots to get a little more walking in my life. I'm retired, leave plenty of time to get places, am never in a hurry, and avoid rush hour. My 86-year-old mother drives more aggressively than I do. No, I don't have a death-wish for myself or anyone else.
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