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Subject:  Re: Poll: cataract surgery now or after age 65? Date:  10/10/2012  8:26 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  868038 of 890144

Looking at how others drive, I'm still above average.
EVERYBODY believes this about themselves

Heh--I used to post that ;-)

I used to say I was an average driver or worse because when I had a long commute I usually kept up with the fastest traffic, and because it took me years to learn to parallel park with ease and often my straight-in parking was a wee bit crooked if still between the lines--that did improve with practice. My spatial reasoning is not outstanding--I always had trouble on those SAT/IQ/etc. tests when they provided a 3D figure rendered in 2D and asked which figure represents the original figure rotated horizontally or vertically. I used to leave those till the end of the test and then spend ages on them.

But because I recognize that my spatial reasoning is not outstanding, I drive more carefully, leaving extra room around my car whenever I can...although I've gotten more confident about tight places since moving to my current house with its tight 2-car garage (the house inspector called it a 1-car, but I can get my CR-V in when DH is already parked...without coming close to scraping his car, the tools hanging on the wall by my car, or the bicycles & beach chairs in front of me.

That said, I am d