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Subject:  An Open Letter Date:  10/10/2012  12:06 PM
Author:  brewer12345 Number:  39557 of 46458

To my dear friend of many years,

I know that it takes two to tango, as Dad always used to tell us. However, things are not getting better and I am becoming concerned for your safety and the well-being of your kids. It is bad enough that your wife has been a mental and at times physical abuser for most of this year, but I think the most recent episode should have been a wake-up call. She grabbed you by the throat and slammed your head against the wall hard enough that you still have a headache days later. You called the police and they arrested her. The arresting officer told you bluntly that he was concerned with where this was going and recommended that you take the emergency restraining order he offered you (you declined). Someone bailed her out the same day with ten grand that she charged to your joint credit card. Yet you continue to profess that things will *now* be OK and get worked out.

Please, please wake up and save yourself. If you won't do that, at least save your small children. This is going nowhere good. She keeps escalating and you keep blaming yourself and making apologies for her. Its not going to change, and you need to get out of there and take the kids with you before she permanently hurts or kills you. Do something before your children are permanently scarred (if they are not already). Yep, you will probably go bankrupt in the process. So what? Your friends and family would be thrilled to help you. But you need to decide to save yourself and your kids because we cannot make the decision for you. I'd happily show up unannounced and hustle you and the kids to an "undisclosed location" (enthusiastically tasering your wife if she got in the way), but I know you wouldn't go.

Please come to your senses, my friend. I would hate to see you seriously hurt or killed by this lunatic and I mourn what she has done to your personality.

- brewer12345
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