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Subject:  Re: Shocker: Zero the Actual Liar Date:  10/10/2012  12:33 PM
Author:  Colovion Number:  107199 of 143814

*You don't need a study for that. Just common sense. If you cut taxes for people earning $250K+ and increase spending (Romney surely will do both) to remain revenue neutral the money has to come from somewhere: higher taxes on everyone else.

That's where the problem is. Romney's plan is to basically simplify the tax code by getting rid of some deductions. Your tax rate will actually be pretty close to what the IRS schedule says you should pay (depending on what deductions aren't cut, of course.) And those rates will be lower, which should stimulate the economy and lead to higher government revenues (which happens to work EVERY TIME it's tried). Get rid of some of the crap government pays for but shouldn't (PBS was an example, not a complete list of course) and suddenly we can do an odd thing, pay down some of our horrendous debt.

What deductions can he cut? Hell, how many thousands of pages is the tax code? That it is so long is beyond ridiculous, it's absolutely disgusting. Even cutting 100-pages worth of asinine deductions a month would leave PLENTY more to cut after four years! Cutting that monstrosit