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Subject:  Re: OT - The Secret Debate Contract, & Howard Date:  10/10/2012  2:25 PM
Author:  razorfangius Number:  194809 of 236395

So what if his daughter supports left wing causes with her own money?

People have every right to do something stupid with their own money. That doesn't mean it isn't stupid. Even people on her side of the fence are saying "she's being stupid financing it herself, because you don't build a movement that way and it puts 100% focus on her [the limousine liberal]".

As for left versus right, who cares? Charlie Jr. is supposedly throwing in another 20 million to back sis up. They're going to buy this election no matter what it takes! Hurray for the Mungers!

Her number one critic by the way is Jerry Brown, who has a competing initiative on the ballot that does more or less the same thing but is only receiving 10% of the financing. By having two on the ballot, politicos say both are likely to fail because people will split their vote. So not only is the underlying initiative questionable, but the financing strategy is poor, and the political strategy is also poor!

But by all means, if she wants to put daddy's money in a pile and set fire to it, she can go right ahead.
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