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Subject:  Re: Romney claims he won't restrict abortion Date:  10/10/2012  2:55 PM
Author:  RayKinsella Number:  183390 of 199074

I agree. Obama could have vivisected Romney last week. How about the Romney myth about being a great businessman, for example? Easily torn apart, but he didn't touch it. Shipping jobs overseas, the etch-a-sketch and continual lying, the unrealistic budget ideas, the 47% thing, etc. Should have been easy, but it was like Obama was more focused on his anniversary (which certainly deserved attention...AFTER the debate).

I agree. Romney says whatever he thinks will get him votes.

Let's hope Obama comes on more strongly next week. Call Rmoney out for the liar that he is. I'm amazed these debates actually are making any difference, but evidently they are.

I don't hate Romney. I don't buy the new American model that you like your guy and seeth with hatred over the other guy.
That being said, I just think Obama needs to at least mention the drop in unemployment, which is remarkable given what he started with. Also, remind everyone that Bin Laden is dead and Bush had 7.5 years to find him and failed. Make Romney defend Bush and you win. The electoral college will be a landslide if we can all remember Bush for a few minutes.
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