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Subject:  Re: Anyone Else Notice??? Date:  10/10/2012  3:14 PM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  1823023 of 2207080

That after Mitt made that comment about Big Bird, the theme went completely viral, spawning dozens of wonderful cartoons and photos of Big Bird, Bert, Ernie and the gang.... begging for a reprieve.

It was about two days later that the Republicans began to fight back.


By downplaying the effectiveness of the massive and humorous campaign- which was NOT AT ALL BEING DIRECTED BY THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN... though the Republicans would prefer that folks believe that.

The Obama campaign jumped on board late in the game, and their efforts were awkward.

But my hat is off to the dozens of creative and very funny people who immediately seized upon this gaff by Romney.

(even if the creators of Big Bird later asked folks to refrain from dragging Big Bird into the fray)

And for those who continue to grouse about how there are more important things than talking about Big Bird.... I ask:


Nah.... the viral campaign to save Big Bird was fabulous.

First off, Romney was making a point about reducing spending. He cited PBS as an example because Leher happened to be sitting right in front of him (You'll recall that Leher works at PBS).

Secondly, does anyone who hasn't been plugged into the liberal memory eraser remember what Mitt actually said? He said, "I love Big Bird".

Third, Big Bird doesn't need the money:
Big Bird is richer than Mitt Romney. Sesame Workshop (successor to Children's Television Workshop), reported to the IRS a $356-million net worth as of June 30, 2011, compared to Romney's estimated worth of about $250-million.

Read more:

Fourth, nobody told Obama to go out and fight for Big Bird and Elmo. His campaign staff did that gaffe all on its own.

Fifth, that's nice that dozens of creative people either didn't hear what Mitt said or have no clue that Children's Television Workshop has a merchandising arm or that the federal budget needs some trimming. Most voters DO understand these things, and even Matt Lauer is asking Gibbs why the campaign is bothering. When you've lost the morning softball shows...
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