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Subject:  Re: OK, Now I'm Bragging Date:  10/10/2012  3:42 PM
Author:  decath Number:  648140 of 876046

I was there holding my ex's hand during the entire 57 hour (or so it seemed) birthing process. DD was her first child. My ex weighed 105 lbs pre-pregnancy and DD was 10+ lbs. She may have been 10 lbs, 6 oz IIRC. No doubt my ex can recall it to the gram.

DD was delivered vaginally. All the while, I thanked God for making me a male. I don't see why we're not extinct. I can see why a woman gives birth once, but after the experience I have no idea why they do it again.

OMG! 57 hours! What an ordeal. DW was in labor for 24 hours (no drugs) before the doc insisted a C-section. She cried as she made the decision to accept the C-Section, not because of the pain (which was horrible I'm sure) but because of the scar she would have on her lean little belly.

She went into labor with child #2 knowing she would have another C-Section according to what the docs said back in 1985. I don't remember the reason. But she did not have to go through the pain the 2nd time around.

The 3rd child was the easist on DW. I wrote a check to the lawyers for the adoption and took her home 1 day after she was born. <g>

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