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Subject:  Re: See? Told Ja Date:  10/10/2012  4:50 PM
Author:  lhaselden Number:  183402 of 199101


How would you go about proving that someone who says he is Jesus (or, in this case, the "Prince" of God) is not actually who he says he is?

And even though this particular nut case (my determination) killed a bunch of innocent people, how is that different from God killing a bunch of innocent people?

See now you are addressing my point.... YOU ARE NUTS for giving a murderer a get out of the hangman's noose excuse... I see no reason to think the quy is nuts but even if he is and committed the crimes you mention he should die, their is no need to warehouse the body till he dies of natural causes.
Put the guy down just like you would a rabid dog in your neighborhood! If he is guilty of course.
There should be no not guilty by reason of insanity, there should be guilty by reason of insanity. Let them plead guilty but insane if they choose.

I have not met the guy, but Jesus told me that those who are his will know his voice... I believe what he told me, and I listen for it, I have heard it from the pulpit, from a homeless man on the street, and from somewhere deep within myself. I do not need to prove anyone is Jesus nor if they are not, HE told us that we would know, and I believe Him.
If the man is question is the 'Prince of god' or Jesus Christ and he murdered 5 people then put him to death, why should I care. who cares if it is true? You seem to, but really do not, I do not care who the man is or his name real nor imagined.
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