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Subject:  Re: Made My Own Greek Yogurt Date:  10/10/2012  5:39 PM
Author:  NailThatJello Number:  29918 of 32249

OK I took it to the next level. Made my own yogurt from scratch from whole milk, then Greeked it. Bought an ice cream maker of the no-salt type that cool through frozen glycol-insulated bowl.

Added 400 ml (2 cups) cream to 700 ml Greek yogurt, plus a cup of frozen strawberrie and maybe ten squirts of my sugar free sweetener, a cyclamate/saccharin blend. Blended it all in the food processor.

Then, go get the ice cream machine bowl from the freezer. I soon realized, that that is one seriously frozen bowl. Just carrying it 50 feet from my freezer to my kitchen and my thumb was stuck to the bowl. The instruction book warns about frostbite, I had assumed that was either a joke or just somebody trying to avoid being sued. No, it's for real.

Then put the motor on top and stir blade underneath and turn it on. Blade begins turning. Within about 10 minutes the stuff begins to solidify. After about 20 minutes it was so solid the blade couldn't turn it any more.

Dish it out and enjoy.

The texture was identical to that of ice cream or ice yogurt. Very smooth and creamy. Yay!

It wasn't flavorful enough, though. I thought the strawberries would do the trick. Next time I'll try more intense flavoring.
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