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Subject:  Re: wet carpet Date:  10/11/2012  9:18 AM
Author:  wolferd1 Number:  122490 of 137218

Thanks for the thoughts about the wet carpet.

We ended up pulling up about 4 feet of hall carpet and letting a box fan run for several days. DW is still convinced that the dampness has wicked much further up the hall. A guy is coming today with a heated fan to blow under the carpet for a couple of days and a dehumidifier to run along side.

I imagine this is similar to what nutsandbolts and goofyhoofy were talking about. I thought about renting such a fan but DW has a few respiratory issues and the notion that this is being done by someone who has done it before it has a lot of value for her. Mold and mildew is her great concern.

We will then put the carpet back down and give all the carpet in the house an overdue cleaning. It will end up costing about 3x what I would have thought, but not nearly as much as if it there had been floor or wall damage.

Paul, thanks for the thoughts on the water buzzer to notify you if you have a leak. But the truth is I am no more apt to turn off the washing machine when I leave the house than I am to turn off the water to the ice maker to keep it from leaking while I am gone. I am not interested in scheduling my life around a load of clothes or dirty dishes. So there may or may not be someone around to hear the buzzer if it went off.

On the other had I've long been intrigued by devices like this,

And your thought that you can buy remnants or even throw rugs to replace the ripped up carpeting. confirmed the fact that you are indeed a long time bachelor. That ain't gonna happen here.

Anyway, the path has been chosen and dealing with it has begun. Thanks to all for your input.

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