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Subject:  Re: 25% renewable energy by 2025 Date:  10/11/2012  10:13 AM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  122493 of 137201

<<<< The system of green subsidies isn’t sustainable. Inland Empire Oilseeds in Eastern Washington found this out when federal subsidies ended and they shut down operations for a year, laying off workers and harming the community.

Oregon, California and other states are struggling under the weight of huge green-energy subsidies on strained public budgets. Oregon’s subsidies have exploded, and are expected to cost the state nearly $300 million this biennium alone.

Some argue this is the point — government should continue paying green subsidies no matter what. This view ignores other public commitments, such as health care and education and programs that actually help the environment. What gets cut?

Asking governments to promise money to millionaire owners of green-energy companies during a recession is like asking parents to pay for lemonade stands after losing their jobs. >>

<<First, subsidies for some renewables are beyond all reason. According to the U.S. Energy Department, fossil fuels receive a subsidy of about six one-hundredths of a cent per kilowatt hour. Wind power receives about five cents per kilowatt hour — a massive subsidy, but modest compared to solar, which receives nearly 97 cents per kilowatt hour. That’s 1,600 times the fossil-fuel subsidy.>>
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