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Subject:  Re: Kickstarter: Zombicide Date:  10/11/2012  12:06 PM
Author:  1971simon Number:  2719 of 2882

So I received my copy of Zombicide over a month ago. It's big. Then with the extras it overflows the box. The first thing I did was take a look at everything and my immediate impression was that the miniatures, while detailed, sucked.

Any game with minis has to have good minis and these ones were horribly bland. A boring, cheap looking grey. Certainly not very terrifying. So my two daughters and I headed over to our nearest mall where a Games Workshop is located. I don't know a thing about what goes on in there except that it involves painting minis. So we went in and talked to to the guy about techniques and colours we might need. My eldest was interested in painting them too. So $100 later and a few painting sessions and everything looks great. Heck, even simply priming them black helped! So now we have painted minis.

I've played the game now a few times and I must say, it's good fun. It's about managing kills and the zombies' location. And it is tense. The initial perceived problem though is that the game is scenario based and it only came with something like 10 of them. Well, shortly after the game was released they gave away the scenario editor and we've seen a bunch of other good ones plus Guillotine Games have also released 4 other official ones.

As for the play testing, or lack thereof, the only real evidence of this is in the scenarios. Some are completely impossible and others are so broken they are easy (there is a list of which are which). With the proclivity of other scenarios this isn't a real concern for me.

Overall, the game is exciting, good to look at (though the cards are just a little too small), and fun. My group has enjoyed it as a lighter game (comparing to Arkham Horror) and it has joined the rotation. While it could be an Alpha-dog game where one player just directs the others, learning it all together seems to have prevented that. Plus that's not something we generally do.

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