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Subject:  Re: Ten Bagger: two home-runs and a double Date:  10/11/2012  1:43 PM
Author:  BeatleMartian Number:  11973 of 24391

Lynch was not all ten baggers, he had a core of slow and steady and a long tail of potential ten baggers.

Forgive me if you will, but I've more or less referred to One Up and Beating and the Money Master profile for - don't know - maybe 20 years now, and built my investment philosophy, business, and day to day approach on those books so my opinions or comments tend to come off pretty strong. So that said, there is a direct reference that explains in Lynch's words how he created a portfolio:

One Up, Chapter 16, page 240, revised softcover

Some people ascribe my success to my having speacalized in growth stocks. But that's only partly accurate. I never put more than 30 to 40% of my fund's assets into growth stocks. The rest I spread out among the other categories described in this book. Normally I keep about 10 to 20% or so in stalwarts, another 10 to 20% or so in cyclicals, and the rest in turnarounds. Although I own 1400 stocks in all, half of my fund's assets are invested i