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Subject:  Approaching 100k miles Date:  10/11/2012  2:36 PM
Author:  PSUEngineer Number:  69533 of 73163

My 2008 Toyota Highlander has been driven almost 100k miles. In that time, I've done oil changes, oil and air filter changes, new tires and new battery. There were also a few recalls. Other than that, there has not been any other work done to it. It still has all the other original fluids and even the original brakes. So I'm looking to get another 100k miles out of the vehicle so some additional maintenance needs to be done. Based on the service manual, the only fluid other than oil that needs to be changed is the coolant. All of the other fluids don't have any maintenance intervals listed in the manual anywhere. All of them are listed under inspect. I'm going to drop it at my mechanic for his inspection and recommendations. Here is a list I put together as possible maintenance items that may need done.

automatic transmission fluid
transfer case oil
differential oil
radiator hose
serpentine belt
front and rear brakes
brake fluid
water pump

According to the manual, the coolant needs done. I'm also pretty sure the brakes will need done. I may as well replace the brake fluid during the brake repair. The dealer wanted to do them 5000 miles ago. Since the coolant is being done, I'm wondering if the thermostat should be replaced. It is one of the few things under the hood that has almost stranded me on other vehicles. The next coolant change would be 50k miles. Also I may want to change the radiator hoses during the coolant change.

As for the other fluids, I'm just not sure. Visually, they look fine. I don't know if some are synthetic or not. I may lean towards swapping it out since I want another 100k miles.

The serpentine belt looks fine right now. I don't see any obvious cracking. If it is recommended to be changed, I'm wondering if I should go ahead and replace the water pump. I often see that as a recommendation when replacing the belt.

Other maintenance items?

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