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Subject:  Re: WSJ: $10K College Degree Date:  10/11/2012  4:14 PM
Author:  Commodore64 Number:  868047 of 902380

"I don't think many people will argue that there is some waste or unnecessary college costs. But it is ludicrous to say that the cost should be $1700 per year. That ignores the cost of the building/classroom. That ignores the cost of electricity, heating, air conditioning and maintenance. That ignore cleaning the classroom. That ignores offices for the professors. That ignores admissions, counselors, support staff, campus police, janitors and other employees to keep a campus running. That ignores grass cutting, landscaping and outside maintenance. There is more I have not listed. To suggest the cost of an education should be around $1700 is living in a fantasy world."

I don't know what the total cost should be, but it certainly can be far less than it is.

One thing colleges can do is make far more extensive use of technology and online classes. There is no reason to pay a tenured professor big money to deliver a Physics 101 lecture 6 times a week, the same lecture he he's been giving for the past 30 years. Have the old guy give the lecture once, record it, put it online. You free up that space forever (or at least until the laws of Physics change)- reduce building costs, overhead costs, salary, janitorial cost, etc.

I know some schools do this now for some classes, but it seems that it could be done far more extensively than it is, and would result in huge cost savings.

Frankly, I don't care what private schools do, but schools that are funded by tax dollars should look to become more efficient and save money whenever possible.
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