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Subject:  Re: Hey Art... Date:  10/12/2012  2:15 AM
Author:  andrew61 Number:  648409 of 876054

You could pare it down even further if you ate out less often and cooked more at home. I know that's not your thing but that's what I'd do. Probably by a couple thousand dollars. Of course that is one of the attractions of living in Downtown Chicago is getting to eat out at different restaurants.

I just like to cook and like my own food and I'm a horrible cheapskate. Most women wouldn't put up with me. It's amazing my wife is so understanding and accepting of my idiosyncrasies.


If I cooked and ate at home, I wouldn't get to peoplewatch while I ate. I like being out and eating someplace located at a busy streetcorner, sitting at a counter in the window and enjoying the scenery.

Besides, I'm much too disorganized to cook. I'd have to stock up on tons of ingredients, half of which would go bad before I used them up and I'd end up throwing away a lot. When you cook for one there's usually leftovers which usually have a limited shelf life. To avoid wasting food I'd have to eat the same thing tomorrow or the next day that I ate today, when maybe I'd prefer more variety than that. And don't tell me to freeze things -- I don't have a huge freezer sitting on a back porch.

By eating out, I'm helping to keep people employed and prospering. Helping to keep my city's economy thriving. It's my way of contributing to the world. <grin>
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