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Subject:  Can Arrow be the next Smallville? Date:  10/12/2012  8:16 AM
Author:  TMFMileHigh Number:  52485 of 52507

'Morning Fools,

Yesterday, I published a piece about the new show Arrow, which you can find here:

I had two reactions in watching the premiere:

1. Solid action. It can't be easy making an archer look like a badass, but Stephen Arnell pulled it off nicely. Also, I like how he plays the character -- darker than the Ollie I remember from the comics and from the old GL/GA series, but appropriate for what the script called for: an out-for-vengeance vigilante. (In this case, vengeance for those who'd been hurt by Starling City's corrupt elite.)

2. Weak supporting characters and plenty of holes in the plot. I don't get why Ollie says the island "forged" him into a weapon. The script makes clear he's burdened with a sense of atonement, but what does that have to do with mastering archery and turning yourself into a weapon a la Batman? Maybe this is something t