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Subject:  Can Arrow be the next Smallville? Date:  10/12/2012  8:16 AM
Author:  TMFMileHigh Number:  52485 of 52583

'Morning Fools,

Yesterday, I published a piece about the new show Arrow, which you can find here:

I had two reactions in watching the premiere:

1. Solid action. It can't be easy making an archer look like a badass, but Stephen Arnell pulled it off nicely. Also, I like how he plays the character -- darker than the Ollie I remember from the comics and from the old GL/GA series, but appropriate for what the script called for: an out-for-vengeance vigilante. (In this case, vengeance for those who'd been hurt by Starling City's corrupt elite.)

2. Weak supporting characters and plenty of holes in the plot. I don't get why Ollie says the island "forged" him into a weapon. The script makes clear he's burdened with a sense of atonement, but what does that have to do with mastering archery and turning yourself into a weapon a la Batman? Maybe this is something the writers will get to in subsequent episodes, but the lack of clear motivating factors makes the relationships shown on screen clunky, and in some cases weird. (Like with his little sister.)

Nevertheless, on the whole, I think there's potential for the character and this show. Can it be the next Smallville? Stylistically, I hope it doesn't come to that. But I also don't think it needs to in order for Arrow to have a good long run.

FWIW and Foolish best,



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