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Subject:  update on summer post Date:  10/12/2012  9:04 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  4693 of 5184

A month or so ago I posted about my dentist. I decided to give my friend's dentist (the do-gooder ;-) a try, and very glad I made the change. I feel a weight lifted from the moral ambiguity of supporting ex-dentist's practice. Plus I didn't care for his junior, now senior, partner. And my husband informed me they were never on our approved list for our dental insurance (he says he told me, but I guess it didn;t register. Since he pays the bills I didn't get annual confirmation of this fact, and I only asked DH for total medical payments, not a breakdown by doctor/dentist/etc. for budgeting. oy.) I confirmed that the new practice is on our dental insurance list. I never got my old records and had new x-rays taken. I told them I couldn't remember when I last had a full set done, thought probably 2-3 years, but I wasn't sure insurance would pay if it was too soon. They said they would eat the cost if that happened (seeing is believing, but so far, impressed).

SO far just an initial cleaning/exam at the new practice, but I like them and learned more about my teeth and caring for them than I ever knew before. For example, I always thought I didn't have that 4th wisdom tooth. They showed me the film (well, digital x-ray) where it just never broke the surface (not impacted, doesn't bother me). They had suggestions for