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Subject:  Re: Biden Ryan Slugfest Date:  10/12/2012  10:18 AM
Author:  LuckyDog2002 Number:  648431 of 875680

I watched it until 10 pm when I looked at my watch! Late for bed!

I don't understand all that laughing Joe Biden did, doesn't make sense to laugh during a serious discussion. Only serves to demean the other person as if what he's saying is ridiculous and not important. All the interrupting was a power play and is also rude and demeaning.

Joe talked alot but didn't say anything. He thought he'd get some zingers in but only served to make him look small.

Ryan was even-keeled.

I didn't like it when the wimpy moderator didn't tell Joe to stop interrupting, that is their job to make sure the other person gets their time in to speak, not to respond to the other persons jabs, but to answer the moderators question. The moderator lost control of Joe.
Ryan was polite and even-keeled in his responses, he took it seriously.

Would I want Joe Biden as President, heck no!

Ryan is a fresh face, positive outlook and hopefully not so corrupted by Washington power. Biden is as dirty as they come, he's been in politics too long and he'll say anything for the Democrats.

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