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Subject:  Re: WSJ: $10K College Degree Date:  10/12/2012  2:06 PM
Author:  Commodore64 Number:  868064 of 902463

"My daughter attended a large NY City university 20 years ago. She sat in an auditorium and watched the professor conduct his classes on a screen. Not sure what you call that. Video-conferencing maybe?
No opportunity to ask questions of the Prof. She transferred two years later to a small school. The ratio was one Professor to seven students. She loved it. She loved learning. She did quite well there. She was the kind of person who really wanted and needed one on one with the professors."

This brings up an interesting point.

Students learn differently.

Some of us can hear the material once, review the textbook, and are ready for the exam (often, I would just skip the lecture or sleep/read in the back of the classroom, because there was rarely anything in it that wasn't in the textbook). Others require more attention.

So maybe the solution is to have a two-tiered system. A fast moving, low cost online lecture version for those who don't need the hand holding, and a more expensive version for those who require more interaction. Give the students a choice- no reason to make students pay for those expensive live lectures if they don't need them, but have them available (for a higher cost) if they do need them. In addition to giving students a choice, this would force professors to make students WANT to take their class live- so you'd be far less likely to have a professor who acted like lecturing undergrads was a chore he'd just rather not be doing.

I LOVE online classes- if they'd been around 30 years ago when I was an undergrad, and I'd been given a choice, I'd have never attended a live lecture.

Now, I have the ability to complete my art history lecture at home at 10 PM while drinking a beer and sitting in my underwear. Progress is a wonderful thing.

Having taken both online classes and "live" classes, I don't feel I'm missing a thing by not attending the live class.
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