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Subject:  Re: Biden is Petulant! Date:  10/12/2012  10:09 PM
Author:  rjf53 Number:  64346 of 95372

What was Biden'substantive responses the these three core questions above??

Umm I don't recall your three questions being asked, perhaps I missed it and you would care to point them out.

Now I will concede Mt Ryan volunteered Romney/Ryans plan so perhaps we can review and compare specifics.

it's five-point plan. Get America energy-independent in North America by the end of the decade.

Some plan, never mind if it is remotely doable there are simply no specifics and you yourself were asking people if it was possible within the last couple of weeks. Meanwhile energy production is higher in the country under Obama than it has been in decades and that is a simple and verifiable fact. All of the excuses of public vs. private land notwithstanding the facts speak for themselves and anything else is simply spin.

Help people who are hurting get the skills they need to get the jobs they want.

Again a complete feel good statement without any details.

What Obama has pushed for.

Get this deficit and debt under control to prevent a debt crisis.

The details? Cut multiple taxes, increase Military spending,not offer one specific loophole that he would recommend cutting. Make outlandish claims about growth that have no basis in reality as we are promised once again that things will trickle down.(Even though they never have in the past)

Obama raise taxes on the "upper 3% of the population", make permanent tax cut for lower 97% ,modest cuts to the military, stimulate the economy from the middle up.

Make trade work for America so we can make more things in America and sell them overseas and champion small businesses. Don't raise taxes on small businesses, because they're our job creators.

Platitudes devoid of details and calls for more trickle down tax cuts.

Obama's American Job's act.

So you were saying again?

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