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Subject:  Re: Biden is Petulant! Date:  10/13/2012  5:52 AM
Author:  rjf53 Number:  64348 of 96993

Do you even bother to read the links??

LOL, now that's rich duma, you ask me to provide the answers for questions that weren't even asked in the debate and then you whine there is nothing there.

Meanwhile, you act like there is something there when you yourself have demonstrated you know there "is nothing there" when it comes to energy independence.

You act like there is something there, when Romney/Ryan repeatedly refuse to provide even one example of the hundreds of million tax loopholes they would be required to close in order to offset the hundreds of millions of tax cuts they have been very specific about enacting.

You act like there is something there when the very same people who ridiculed any need for more teachers promise to get people the "skills that they need" while providing absolutely no details.

You act like there is something there when they promise as leaders of the party of no, the party that on day one announced their "number 1 priority was to defeat Obama" would waltz into Washington and restore a spirit of bipartisanship immediately after they repeal all of the legislation the Democrats spent the last 4 years fighting to get passed.

And this is only commenting on their economics "plans". Unfortunately listening to their views on foreign policy is even more bizarre.

You act as if there is something there, when their entire foreign policy is based on a belief that if they would just once again puff up their chest and declare "bring it on" the entire world would fall into line and peace and democracy would break out throughout the world..

You act like there is something there, when they bemoan demonstrations taking place in various 3rd world countries as proof of a collapse in Obama's foreign policy and yet apparently long to go back to the days where the anti-American demonstrations took place in the country's which have historically been our strongest allies. (England, Germany, France, Autralia, Canada etc.)

You act like there is something there when a frigging moron announces on nationwide TV that Obama's promise to get us out of Afghanistan is dangerous because it "telegraphs" our intent to our enemies. Yet somehow their's is superior because although they agree on the planned withdraw timeline they haven't "telegraphed" their plan to our enemies. I mean really, have you seen or heard anyone say something so stupid in your entire life?

You act like there is something there when Ryan claims they have no plans to increase spending on defense, only limit cuts, just days after Romney provided a litany of new proposed military expenditures as he pandered to yet another of his special interest groups.

All of this and I haven't even brought up Romney/Ryan's social policies where their "something there" when it comes to woman, gays, minorities and disadvantaged citizens appear to be little removed from the Taliban's textbook.

Sorry duma, but at this rate about the only thing that you have successfully managed to illustrate, is that space between your ears, well there appears to be "nothing there".

I'll admit I could be wrong about that. It may just be the fact that you spend your time running around with your fingers in your ears, eyes shut, claiming things like black is white or up is down as you spout your anti-Obama sound bytes that is the real problem, but from my vantage point that is a little difficult to say with certainty.

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