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Subject:  Re: Romney/Ryan Specifics Date:  10/13/2012  9:17 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  648576 of 794713

If you are really worried about the debt, you cannot vote for Romney. He will propose to cut taxes 20% across the board, the Dems will buckle and it will get passed. He will propose cutting the capital gains rate and the Dems will buckle and it will get passed. He will propose eliminating the estate tax, and the Dems will buckle. He will propose increasing the military and the Dems will buckle. He will propose eliminating the mortgage interest deduction and he will buckle and it will not get passed. He will propose cutting Medicaid and he will buckle.

The compromise will be to get every tax cut he has proposed and no spending cuts. The Republicans will not want to be seen at the party that made Grandma eat cat food so that the Walton heirs never have to pay taxes on their $2 billion in annual dividends. There will be demagoguery on the spending cuts, they will not happen. The compromise will be a deficit that makes Obama's look tame.



Even in the worst case scenario you outline. IT is far better than what you will get under Obama.
Obama will cut the military and expand social spending on a 1 and 1/2 basis making our fiscal and social problems both worse.
Obama will make fake spending cuts by having Medicare pay 50% of actual costs to care providers to pass a budget and then when care is stopped take 1 of 2 possible paths out -- nationalize care due to a crisis or blow out budget
Obama's military cuts will lead to adventurous behaviour by America's enemies leading to a need to spend far more later after the next disaster
Obama will not cut cap gains tax, and the economy will not expand
Obama will NOT look at all the money oversees, and figure out that it will best serve the country as investment as opposed to staying off shore because it is 'revenue' to take from the undeserving and ....

BTW it is the most absurd argument imaginable that there are no cuts that will not lead to grandma eating cat food.

That does not even begin to touch on Obama's fealty to unions that is a genuine problem/
That does not start to address that Obama will never fix the education system, and if you pay any attention at all, will see that he is actually looking to expand public education into the college level!!!! How else can you propose what he had? THis is where he wants to go

There is hope with a Romeny administration, there is still a lot of Tea Party folks around to vote on moving things in the right direction. If Obama is trounced -- how much fealty to Obama's ideas will there be?

This is a real opportunity to have a meaningful election.

Will it be one? I do not know, But anyone believing that politics is the same in all situation is being silly IMO.

There is a very different landscape now then there was a few years ago, and there is a lot of people willing to see a different track taken

Folks want to dismiss the real possibility that if politicians actually do some of the easy stuff that the hard stuff becomes easier.

Politics is not a speed boat, that